At GLS Construction we focus on the critical aspects of the project- budget and timeline, and never compromise on quality.

“I hired GLS Construction to  update my investment property and the plan they created was amazing. They finished weeks ahead of schedule and the property is generating more income than ever before.”

Linda M.
Linda M.

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Who We Are

Discover the GLS Construction Difference

GLS Construction is a company that focuses on the details of your project, no matter the size of your project. from a single bathroom remodel to an entire house renovation or complex maintent project we take pride in the work we do. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best finish possible and complete it on time and within budget. 

Our Residential Construction Services

Kitchens and Bathrooms- The heart and soul of a home

Why update your
kitchen and bathroom?

Better use of space-

Times have changed and so have the needs of our homes. Kitchens are the heart of a
home where memories are made as well as some great meals. Increased storage
space, better ergonomics, and making something visually appealing draw you into
this space.

Comfort –

Feeling at ease either in a new shower, putting on makeup, or just making a pot of coffee- being relaxed in your new space changes your perspective on your day. Just by stepping onto a heated tile floor or fully automated smart home system that
caters to you is some of the upgrades you can achieve at a cost much lower than
you would expect.

Better safety-

With new construction codes and tech, you and your loved ones are safer than ever before. More efficient and effective devices such as range hoods, GFCI outlets, and
earthquake safety construction improves the safety and well-being of those in
your home, giving you peace of mind night and day.

Better energy efficiency –

With a kitchen and bathroom remodel, you can cut back on your household’s
energy consumption and maintain a greener lifestyle. T
ankless water heaters only burn fuel and money when you use them, instead of heating water 24/7Switch to energy-efficient LEDs, which use about 70% less energy than standard light bulbs. Other energy-efficient upgrades include low-flow faucets to decrease water usage or  Kitchen appliances with an Energy Star rating that meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s energy-efficiency standards and are affordable to power. Upgrades such as double-glazed windows and insulation will also maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, reducing your heating and cooling costs.

Increase the value of your home-

Potential buyers care about kitchens—75% of relators claim a quality kitchen is
the biggest selling point a home can have. You can even recoup your kitchen
remodeling costs when you sell. In addition to a relatively high ROI, a kitchen
and bathroom will also attract offers and make your home easier to sell.


Now you can look forward to spending time in your dream kitchen and bathroom. The beauty of the natural stone selected for your countertops, the light coming in from new
windows and skylights and the relaxation of having a larger shower area built
around you is something that cannot be substituted. It is a chance that you
will enjoy every day for the rest of your life.

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Residential Construction Services

Bringing Your Dream Home to Life

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Trust GLS Construction for Your Commercial and Residential Building Needs

Big or small- we do it all. We do well in taking on the smaller projects that the big construction companies don’t want to touch. With an average 10-day turnaround for most projects we can accomplish a lot in that time and save you money. Call us to see what we can do for you. 

Our Projects

Take a Look at some of Our Projects we have Done

We take each project and build it as if it were our own. Attention to detail, listening to our clients needs and wants is reflected in the end. We take pride in everything we do and it shows. 

Whole Home remodel- inside and out

This project is a short term rental vacation property

Renovation at a storage facility in Santa Clara

Creating additional storage space and complying with city requirements for water run-off.

Master bedroom remodel in San Jose

Repaired water damage- replacing framing and flooring.

Bathroom renovation in San Jose

Installed all new everything- fixtures, vanity, and tile with new heated flooring system.

Outdoor kitchen in Saratoga

New outdoor kitchen and patio with custom water fountain

Let's Build Something Amazing Together

At GLS Construction, we understand that embarking on a construction project can be an exciting and sometimes daunting experience. That’s why we are committed to working closely with our clients to ensure that we deliver the results they want, on time and on budget. We believe that every project is an opportunity to create something truly amazing, whether it’s a new commercial building, a custom home, or a renovation project. Our experienced team of designers, architects, and construction professionals will work with you every step of the way, from initial concept to final construction, to ensure that your vision is realized.

Why Choose Us?

Why GLS Construction Stands Out from the Rest

At GLS Construction, we take great pride in being a construction company that stands out from the rest. We understand that our clients have a choice when it comes to selecting a construction partner, and we work hard to ensure that they choose us. Here are some reasons why we believe GLS Construction stands out:

  • Commitment to Quality
  • Client-Focused Approach
  • ExperienceInnovation
  • Safety
  • Sustainability


What Our Client Say

We do what it takes to make sure our clients are happy with the work we do. We promise this will be our primary focus throughout the entire project. And our commitment shows.